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Theo a Canadian now an Australian resident

Age: 29

Height: 180 cm / 5 Ft 10 in

Weight: 80 kg

Tattoos: No

Star Sign: Libra

Client Preference: Women

About Theo: 

Theo is one of the most attractive experienced Sydney male escorts to hire from Escorts For Ladies.Theo is a genuine, down to earth male escort who will make his female clients feel at ease and comfortable in his presence.

Theo is warm, passionate, and friendly, giving him the necessary traits to be a premium male escort by showing attention, listening, and affection.  As for his standards, they are immaculate; Theo is a snappy dresser, well-groomed and clean, and to round off, he smells great.

Theo’s passions and interest:

  • Dancing
  • Cooking and entertaining
  • Meditation
  • Youtube Creator
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Weight Training
  • Making Cocktails
  • Computer Science

Favourite Food: Japanese, especially ramen, curries, and Japanese BBQ.

Favourite Drinks:  Single malt whiskey, old fashioned, and mojitos