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Best Male Escorts

Best males escorts for women can be found by searching for the most handsome male escorts viewing an online Sydney agency site. Male escorts selected by a woman for a male escort agency are hand picked male escorts for women who have been approved.

Male escorts approved by woman know what a woman is looking for and what she will be expecting when a woman is paying top dollar for the company of a male escort. A woman will not pay for the company of an average looking man when she can get an average looking man for free from a regular dating site who is not approved or a site where a male escort for women will post his own profile to be posted.

Sydney Male Escorts

If you want a to become a best male escort for women or a sexy good looking male escort where a woman will pay for your company you need to read the list of requirement on the site under become a male escort. “Hire Male Escort” is an agency and must carefully select and approve all their male escorts for security and safety for our female clients.

A straight male escort for women who are considered by an agency must be very good looking, have well-groomed clean hair, be a certain height, dress well, have a flat stomach no boggy little tummy have eaten too many home-cooked meals, have clean attractive good teeth.

A best male escort for women needs to have life experience travelled out of the city he lives in, worked a few jobs, eaten different foods, slept with a few different women, being told he is a good lover.

Most men think they are great lovers when in fact they are not so good in bed after all and if rated would be considered poor lovers. One question Hire Male Escort ask all applications is how many women have told you that you are a good lover, if the answer is silence! Then we know he is not a good lover.

Another question if he has been married or in a long-term relationship, how do you get on with your ex? if he is still friends then this is a good sign, so many important questions to ask a prospective male escort so he can be approved to see our female clients as their safety is very important to our business.

To be the best male escort for women is no easy task and very few men make it past the test.

If you would like to be the best male escort for women please consider working for Sydney Male Escorts please apply online under become a male escort