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Becoming a Male Escort

Becoming a Straight Male Escort in Sydney is something many men believe they could become. To become a Sydney male escort is a desired job by many men but applicants need to be of a very high standard to be approved as a high-class male escort working for Sydney Male Escorts.

To become a straight male escort many skills are required and expected by the female clients in particular. The straight male escort must have a positive happy disposition, be able to enjoy conversation on a variety of topics and most importantly respect and enjoy the company of women. A straight male escort working for Sydney Male Escorts appreciate to be paid well means they are not average men and have an edge over many men. Our discerning female clientele is far different from how many males imagine, they expect value for money and most men do not understand what high-class straight escorts actually do in order to make money.

Sometimes (for all the wrongs reasons!) a man can think of the money first rather than whether or not he can even meet the requirements for the job. At first, glance, being a male escort means you must tick all the right boxes required to be approved by Sydney Male Escorts, it’s all good idea to view the current straight male escorts on the site and read their profiles. Unfortunately, women expect more than fast-and-loose sexual encounters, especially if they are paying for a high class straight male escorts company. The women who hire straight male escorts have expectations and high standards: they don’t just want a man with stamina and a big dick.


Our clients want refinement, class, charm, masculinity and confidence. They want a straight male escort who will make them glow with pride when he leads them into a restaurant. They want a Sydney male escort who will be able to chat comfortably with anyone and everyone without making a slip or revealing that he is a straight male escort. Our female clients want a straight male escort who can fulfil all of her desires for companionship, romance and passion, all while being totally in control and on top of the situation. And yes, our clients do want a straight male escort who can give provide them with excellent sex, but not all the time. Often just a quiet and intimate date is enough.

Many men looking to become a Sydney male escort are delusional about their ability to become Sydney male escort. These men do not understand why a professional independent woman is sick of looking at sloppily dressed men and why these women would seek out and pay a high-class straight male escort to accompany them. This business caters to female clients who have high expectations, and as paying customers; they are well within their rights to do so.

Before considering becoming a male escort, let alone applying to become a male escort, ask yourself a few questions. Firstly, are you worthy of being a high-class male escort, and do you have what it takes to be a high-class male escort? If you were in the market for a male escort, would you hire yourself? Just like any other job, to become a male escort you need to have the right attributes, attitude and presentation. It is by no means a simple job; escorting is a job for talented exceptional men who are confident, outgoing and attractive, both mentally and physically.

Men who would like to become a male escort in Sydney need to love being well presented. Sadly we live in a world where most men (and many women) have become overly comfortable with their unkempt bodies. Many people today seem to have very low standards of presentation and have let their bodies become out of shape. Some parts of the world still hold presentation and hygiene to a high standard, such as many parts of Europe, Japan and New Zealand, but most citizens in Western countries have become complacent and lazy. The sophisticated and classy women in these countries are tired of sloppy men. They want to be wooed and entertained by well-dressed straight male escorts, well mannered Sydney male escorts with personality and character, something that seems to be in desperately short supply.

If after reading this blog you feel as though you have exactly what it takes to become a Sydney male escort for our female clients, please take a look at our become a male escort online page. There you will find a list of attributes we expect from potential male escorts, along with a form for you can fill in and make a formal application. We are always looking for unique men of character, so if you are one, we hope to hear from you soon!