About Us

“Hire Male Escort” was created in 2020 to provide male escort services for Sydney women and couples along with the sister site  www.escortsforladies.com.au. “Hire Male Escort” will appeal to different viewers due to the new layout and in time will have more male escort options in time as the business grows. Hire Male Escort provides premium male escorts for discerning clients who are aged from their early twenties to late fifties. This male escort agency is designed to help women find the pleasure they seek through industry-leading services for clients. We take pride in our selection of Sydney’s best looking male escorts. All male escorts must apply by applying. Once their application has been received, the applicant goes through several steps towards the final approval. Our male escort terms and conditions need to be read and agreed to by the applicant if deemed suitable. A new escort needs to understand what is expected of him by a client and from the business so he must have the ability to comprehend how a business is run and operated. All applicants need to be interviewed, questions asked, and how he answers these questions will determine if the applicant is worthy or not to become a premium male escort. For example, one applicant was asked how well do you get on with your X? If the applicant answers positively, then he is a possible applicant because all male escorts must have a genuine love and respect for women. Any business is only as good as the people that work within it and the services they provide. It is our number one goal to be a successful business in the male escort services industry. We offer affordable, competitive rates that we think are fair and just and take all aspects into account. Please view our prices online now. If you are a client and would like to discuss a booking, please contact us on 0426386594. If you’re a man wishing to become a male escort, please click on become a male escort and read what is expected of you first and then proceed with your application.